GIRLS Soccer:ECNL and DA dont care about quality competition


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Soccerhouse: did some "spring" early fall cleaning..... Aug 21, 2019 11:49:39 GMT -5
Concerned Parent: I hear MR is no longer at Rush Aug 31, 2019 5:50:23 GMT -5
southside steve: Rodriguez DID NOT leave Rush Sept 5, 2019 13:15:43 GMT -5
Soccer Dad: Did UGA tie Belmont in soccer last night? Sept 6, 2019 7:26:24 GMT -5
atlfutboldad: So Rush sent out an email and MR's still there? Sept 6, 2019 12:48:46 GMT -5
southside steve: Inter-Atlanta FC announcement above makes it look like he is still there. Still on their website. PROPAGANDA. Sept 6, 2019 14:44:42 GMT -5
atlsoccerdad: No MR is gone from Rush. Sept 8, 2019 9:22:52 GMT -5
PassionforSoccer2019: MR was like the investigative reporter who found out to much. Oh and by the way their Girls DOC resigned today bc of the leadership - or lack there of. Sept 10, 2019 20:54:00 GMT -5
atlsoccerdad: MR was given a nice package to leave quietly and keep his mouth shut. Some shady things at Rush for sure... probably all the way up at the National level... Sept 11, 2019 22:35:45 GMT -5
slickdaddy96: MR has a history of not staying too long anywhere though at least recently and for dropping some curse words regularly as well though. Sept 12, 2019 7:30:06 GMT -5 *
anonymous soccer guy: Sept 13, 2019 18:16:03 GMT -5
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