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Concerned Parent: I hear MR is no longer at Rush Aug 31, 2019 5:50:23 GMT -5
southside steve: Rodriguez DID NOT leave Rush Sept 5, 2019 13:15:43 GMT -5
Soccer Dad: Did UGA tie Belmont in soccer last night? Sept 6, 2019 7:26:24 GMT -5
atlfutboldad: So Rush sent out an email and MR's still there? Sept 6, 2019 12:48:46 GMT -5
southside steve: Inter-Atlanta FC announcement above makes it look like he is still there. Still on their website. PROPAGANDA. Sept 6, 2019 14:44:42 GMT -5
atlsoccerdad: No MR is gone from Rush. Sept 8, 2019 9:22:52 GMT -5
PassionforSoccer2019: MR was like the investigative reporter who found out to much. Oh and by the way their Girls DOC resigned today bc of the leadership - or lack there of. Sept 10, 2019 20:54:00 GMT -5
atlsoccerdad: MR was given a nice package to leave quietly and keep his mouth shut. Some shady things at Rush for sure... probably all the way up at the National level... Sept 11, 2019 22:35:45 GMT -5
slickdaddy96: MR has a history of not staying too long anywhere though at least recently and for dropping some curse words regularly as well though. Sept 12, 2019 7:30:06 GMT -5 *
anonymous soccer guy: twitter.com/iafc_blues/status/1172641771085533184?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet Sept 13, 2019 18:16:03 GMT -5
honeybadger: So do y'all play out of the Fowler location? Maybe we will scrimmage over this fall break? Have we played y'all this season in a tournament? If we do play y'all, we'll have to talk on the sideline!!:):);) Sept 25, 2019 19:35:44 GMT -5
slickdaddy96: who are you speaking to honeybadger? I'm confused.... Sept 26, 2019 7:17:14 GMT -5
southside steve: KIESS resigned Oct 1, 2019 15:07:44 GMT -5
atl44: Where did you hear that? When did he resign? Oct 1, 2019 15:40:52 GMT -5
southside steve: e-mail sent to me. from GA SOCCER. i assume it was sent to all members: Steve Keiss has resigned his position as President of the Georgia Soccer Board of Directors. The Georgia Soccer Board would like to thank Steve for his 12 years of service to the Board Oct 2, 2019 7:59:33 GMT -5
JJQ90: SK did resign, are there more to follow? Oct 7, 2019 9:25:08 GMT -5
soccerdriver4: Georgia Soccer and NL need a jump start. SCCL needs promotion/relegation, and better communication a must. Too much last minute stuff. Oct 7, 2019 15:24:50 GMT -5
no news: SK is a lifetime member and still an ODP coach. Perhaps he is just moving on without anything more to it Oct 7, 2019 19:30:16 GMT -5
Question: Why is soccer in Georgia and most other states fragmented and can it be fixed? Oct 12, 2019 9:34:48 GMT -5
atlfutboldad: Why? Poor management/oversight from USYS. Can it be fixed? Doubtful, clubs don't want it fixed. It would take directive from the *weak* USSF. Oct 15, 2019 17:27:06 GMT -5
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